Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Independent Hours

• What have I learned about myself through this experience?
I have learned that I am a very good worker. I also learned that I can get the job done when I am most interested in the work.

• Describe three moments of failure, success, indecision, doubt, humor, frustration, happiness, sadness?
While working in the shop I got a chance to meet a lot of new people.
• How will service learning change your future behaviors/attitudes/and career?
It wouldn't change my career. But my attitude towards life has changed.

Service Learning 5-28-08

This service learning meeting was okay. We went to the outside market but it was just strawberries and flowers there so we went to the Reading Terminal. We couldn't get any prices so thats the reason that we had to leave.
The object of the day was to complete a paper that explains how we will feed our children.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Service Learning

so far what I learned about my group is that I am in a group with a lot of people that have different ideas on how to make food in our school better. So far I learned about my group that nutrtiion is a big part of lunch and by kids not eating healthy alot of bad things can happen. I learned about myself is that when you are working in a group full of females that it sometimes you have to bite your tounge because I already have an attitude problem and I don't need to deal with anyone elses, so I learned about myself is how to control my attitutde and to treat people with the same respect that give me and ot could be good or bad. If I was in charge of the group I would take the whole group out for lunch at the same resturant and see how fast the service went. I would also talk to the principal about doing a petition on better lunches. My plan for May 15 would be to take a class poll to see how many kids in the school have money everyday. Secondly I would write up a letter stating my concerns on the food we get in this school. I looked at a blog on community giving. In this group its talkes about selling ice cream and water ice for children in the hospital, I think thats awesome. You can get water ice or ice cream if you bring in a book. You have to bring in a new or used book for ice cream and they figured this would be easier then them paying five dollars for a book when they can just challenge there peers.

Service Learning

In Fridays service learning group we talked with Mrs lynn about the problems that we have had with the selling of the foods and she said that she really didn't like how we did not give her a three day notice about us selling food near her because she could get in trouble for it. We also talked with Mrs Lynn about food services and she was able to tell us that we could petition and get children to get the school better lunches and one of my group members who is Katonya Leach drew a rough draft of a petition just to get started. We also talked about changing the service learning schedule or keeping it at 45mins or raising it to 90mins because the last service learning meetings there are a numerous amount of trips going on so they asked for our opinion on what we would rather have it be. Last we talked about a rubric where we had to evaluate ourselves and have it turned in by the next service learning meeting. These are all the things that we talked about within our service learning groups.

Theme Essay

The debate over the number and type of symbols in Of Mice And Men can go on for days. But today I'm bringing the farm to the table. This is symbolic because it could represent peace, the promise land, success, heaven, or even 40 acres and a mule.

To begin this, the farm could represent peace because they can go there and be uninterrupted by society. Peace which is a state of harmony or the absence of hostility is something that Lennie and George could have been trying to pursue their whole friendship.

40 acres and a mule is an essential symbol for this story. 40 acres and a mule was something promised to the slaves back in the day that only a few saw. Even though some slaves saw this, for the rest it was just an Mirage in the distance. George was working and looking after Lennie their whole friendship and I think the farm in George's mind was a prize visible but not obtainable because of Lennie's numerous foolish acts that he couldn't mentally control.

Success is something the pair was after which could definitely be an important symbol. Success which is an accomplishment of a purpose is something that relates solely to the farm. The farm which was their final destination would have symbolized success.

To wave the flag, the story has a variety of different symbol which could be expressed through a essay like this. If you read the book you might agree with me that peace, the promise land, success, heaven, or 40 acres an a mule are the top picks for symbols.

Motif Essay

Rudeness is the weak man's interpretation of strength. In the book Of Mice and Men Lennie was a very weak character but at the same time he was very strong. Some people picked on him but others just left him alone because of his retardation.

Even though he was retarded he accepted everyone as a friend even if they didn’t accept him. Crooks saw right through him and talked bad things about George, he instantly got mad. Lennie turned the tables and was about to fight Crooks so he told him there wasn't anything happen to George.

Lennie was retarded but was a very good worker. He could do twice the work of all of the other workers on the farm. He was a very strong man with a very bad disability.

He also couldn’t be very gentle with little things. He likes to pet little soft things then hurt them. He killed a puppy at the farm and before he came to the farm he used to kill mice.

As you can see Lennie was a very nice person but he was retarded. His one and only friend was George. Some of the farm workers despised him because he was such a great worker.


Everyone has a dream. Some dream big and some dream small. What is the American dream? Who knows, some people thinks money is the American dream and some think otherwise. In the book of mice and men all the characters are striving for one thing, a thing called the American dream. In this essay I will talk about the two important dreams that I think was accomplished through the story and the one I thought was the least accomplish in the story.

First lets talk about what everyone thinks is a dream, and that's fortune. None of the characters in the book was even close to fortune, except the boss and of course his son. The boss had fortune, and people working for him so all he had to do was sit back, relax, and collect money. Now on the other hand the others had nothing. They worked for a living, even though they were supplied with food and a place to stay, but I wouldn't say they were fortunate compared to the boss. Secondly, family should be the most important thing to you. Now don't get me wrong, some people are just blessed with a wonderful family who comfort them and look out for them the way they should, but then you have some people who don't get along with their family at all. In this book none of these characters had family that they could rely on. Three characters in the story who really grew into a great bond were Lennie, George, and Candy. When Candy's dog was killed they felt sorry for him.When Candy found out that George and Lennie was planning to buy a house, Candy wanted to leave with them, so he ask if he could go with them. I think the relationship that these three had was the closest that they would ever get to family.

Now that I expressed what I thought was important in this story,I want youto think about one question. Does family overpower fourtune?